For corporate growth and successions.
Achieving targets
and growth together.
Committed. Forward-looking. Sustainable.
Mastering challenges
As partners. Reliable. Flexible.

What we do

Acorda supports entrepreneurs, Mittelstand and operative growth companies financially and strategically, aiming for long-term and sustainable corporate success. We enable company successions, growth financing and achieving entrepreneurial independence (management buy-in|buy-out, carve-outs). We focus on Germany, Switzerland and Austria and on operative companies and industries in which we can create strategic and long-term value.

How we work

Together with experienced experts and executives from our network and your team we develop a strategic growth concept. We are a strategic partner for ambitious management teams and contribute technical knowledge, industry expertise and state-of-the art practices and methodologies. Our philosophy is one of partnership, mutual commitment and pragmatism. Our involvement is not limited in time or based on financial engineering.

Who we are

Acorda was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with investment and operational, executive background. From our office in Munich we collaborate with a network of external board members, industry experts and entrepreneurs in our proven “open architecture” approach. Our work has enabled many companies in different industries to build a successful future.

We want to get to know you

For Entrepreneurs

Your ambitious management team is looking for entrepreneurial equity capital to achieve corporate growth objectives, acquire or carve out a company from a larger group. You are planning a corporate succession or require a long-term strategic minority shareholder. Your company is facing strategic challenges in its markets and in need of a strategic partner. Find out more at info [at] acorda.de

For Industry Experts | Executives

You obtained profound industry and managerial expertise and a valuable industry network which you are happy to contribute to Mittelstand and growth companies. As part of the Acorda expert network you commit yourself to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs as non-executive board member or on a project basis, while respecting the operational independence of the management team. Find out more at recruiting [at] acorda.de

Acorda is growing

Acorda is growing and you can shape our future together with us. We are looking for entrepreneurial personalities with professional background in management, Private Equity, Growth Capital, M&A, Strategy Consulting or Business Development. You are a motivated team player with business acumen and a fact-driven thinker with strategic foresight. Find out more at recruiting [at] acorda.de


info [at] acorda.de

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